Tuesday, April 11, 2017

That Island and the cottage

I woke up in the middle of nowhere. I looked for my friends. Thank God! Ronie was lying beside me. I put one finger near his nose, yes, he was alive, he was breathing. I could not see anything except water and water everywhere.

What I could recall was a cruise boat and a thunderous storm. We both were floating on the life-saving boat. I looked into the crystal clear ocean around me. I saw few colourful fish swimming around gracefully between the harmless corals. The scorching hot sun had made me almost as dry as bones. I wondered how and why we were alive.

After sometime, I saw one island at far. Was there any excitement in me? No idea!!! I woke Ronie up quickly. He got up…but fully confused. I took the oars next to me and offered one pair to him, and we rowed our way slowly to the island.

We reached the island. My face was dry, so I splashed water on my face and then got off the boat. Ronie was still confused. The sand on the island was burning our feet, so we ran as fast as possible to the nearest shady place.  We found a big mango tree and few banana trees.  I sat down under the tree to take rest, thinking about our friends and where they would be now. I looked up and saw many ripen mangos on top of me. I saw Ronie looking around for a few pebbles or long sticks. I found few stones. I threw them one by one to the mango tree.  Few fell down to satisfy our stomach. Ronie plucked few bananas too and we ate with delight. Now, we decided to explore the island as we were curious. I felt myself like Robinson Crusoe.

As we were walking through the trees and bushes, we saw an old abandoned house from far, which amazed us. Suddenly, a flash of lightning cracked across the sky. And we felt like there would be a thunder storm once again. We had no way, but to run to the old cottage, hoping to get shelter from the wind and rain we assumed was coming.

There was no lock and key. I pushed the door and it opened. With lots of courage, we entered the house. As expected, rain came pouring down by the buckets. It had three rooms. We checked each room to find out one room where the roof didn't leak. Finally, we got a room that was dry. We decided to spend the night there, no matter if the house was haunted, we were ready to fight with the ghosts too. Being eagle scouts, we had camping experience.

In the mid-night, we heard some sound outside our room. As if someone was walking towards our door. I started to get panic, my breathing became rapid.  Someone was pushing our door hard to open. 

“Who’s this?” Ronie hollered out. 

No answer.

Again, someone was pushing our door hard. We got up from our sleeping place. There was a broken chair nearby. We tried to hide ourselves behind it. There was one window in our room. But, thunder storm was still on, so no way to save ourselves. We had to wait for our dying moment. 

Someone broke the lock and flunked the door. In dark, we could not see anything except one shadow. He flashed a light on us. He asked us to come out. A stout man.

“Who are you?” He asked nicely.

We explained our story. We could see in rays of the lightening outside, that he was an old man, dressed properly. He was wearing a rain coat.

We also asked who was he. He replied that he was a fisher man and that was his firm house.

My theme : Imagination and reality

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