Tuesday, April 4, 2017

That Diamond Ring

We had been going around for last six months. We used to talk on phone for hours and hours …..now, he proposed for a day out….to some romantic place. As all nearby places used to be crowded with couples, we thought of going somewhere nearby hilly area….

We were driving his convertible Mercedes with open top through a winding stretch in the hills. We reached the hill top, through a narrow zig zag road. It was fully carpeted with soft spongy grass with tiny blue & violet colored flowers spread all around. We kept our shoes in the car and started walking barefoot. I thanked him 100 times for bringing me to such a stunning range.  

It was a lovely evening, the wind was soothing and calm, and we could see the fog nestling against the hillside below. The rolling green hills gave way to a waterfall falling relentlessly. We had some quiet time together. Little did I know that there was so much more planned! He brought a picnic basket filled with my favorite snacks (chicken lollypops and cheese balls, chocolate covered cashew nuts and few butterscotch pastries ). 

After setting up the picnic blanket, we sat down and explored the contents of the picnic basket. He took out a red wine bottle with two beautiful glasses. He asked me to bring the water bottle from the car. Coming back, I saw, he had already poured wine in the glasses. He pulled out something from his back. He asked me to open…. Oh…wow…..it was a compressed bouquet of red roses….When I opened the wrapper, golden sprinkles fell on me…….mesmerizing!!!

We started drinking sip by sip….giggling, gossiping….with romantic talks…Whoaah!!!! What’s that….in the bottom of the glass, something dazzling bright……..I was shocked…..It was a diamond solitaire  ring…!

He was smiling…..took his pose on his knee and said, “Will you marry me?”

I wanted to say yes, but, something got stuck on my throat…. I coughed, some blood came out of my mouth….I understood why was it…...I screamed loud, “Don’t you know diamond is poisonous? …….I am dying…….Save me! Save me now!”

He got a shocker….He held me on his shoulder, ran towards the car…..drove fast, faster…….The hilly edges were quite sharp…..I was loosing sense……eyes were closing…..I heard him putting a huge break…..

I screamed…….

“Momie ! Momie ! why are you  still sleeping, don’t you have exams tomorrow? “ my dad was screaming at me. 

Thank God, that was just a dream and diamond is not poisonous in reality ….

My theme : Imagination and reality

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