Wednesday, April 12, 2017

That Jewel

Ceema always used to wear hand-picked stuff, be it her out-fit or her jewelry.  Why not she would wear – after all she was the wife of a high flying investment banker.

That party too, she glittered like a gem with her special spectacular collection. In a plunging neckline, thigh-high slit outfit from some designer’s collection, Ceema sparked up the evening. The sheer anti-fit sleeves, the satin fall of the dress clearly hit the fashion quotient high. She added a classy watch, metallic sandals that blended well with the tone of the outfit. With her hair brushed nice and wavy to one side, a hot blush on her cheeks and smokey eyes, she looked fresh and fantastic. But, above all, the show-stopper was her ring with some big precious blue jewel. All ladies gathered around her to enquire about her jewelries, particularly that blue jewel. 

Ceema proudly showed to everyone, “It’s multigenerational heirlooms, which carries some distinct memories. My grandmother has gifted me this special ring.”

Rings serve as signifiers. My eyes were again and again zooming into that precious stone.  I thought will it be ever possible for me to wear this kind of jewel in my life!!!  She kept flaunting…to envy us. Every kitty party, or family gathering, or any other party, she would surely flaunt something specific. What she told us, she hardly used to wear which costed below one lakh. We all women used to envy her for her jewelry collections. Someone asked Ceema what could be the cost of the blue stone which she was wearing. She immediately replied, “I think it’s cost would be not less than a crore.” We awestruck.

Anyways, we started taking our drinks. All ladies were in happy mood…Suddenly, I put my sandal on something hard, some pebble-like structure. I moved my leg and discovered a blue coloured precious stone – almost same like Ceema’s jewel.  I picked it up, walked towards Ceema….She was fully soaked to the atmosphere. She was dancing with few others. I put my eyes into her finger, and the finger ring. The precious stone was not in the ring. I was sure that it was her's…I was almost reaching her to handover, when my crooked mind over powered ….”Wait! No one has seen you picking up the precious stone. Keep it with you…”

I turned myself , stealthily came out of the party and drove back home. I kept the stone in a safe corner. It’s been three years almost since then.  After that party, I met Ceema many a times, but I could not see any repent for any kind of loss.

Yesterday, I needed money for the down payment of my flat. I thought of selling it out. I went to few jewelry shops to enquire about it’s value. No one was ready to pay me more than Rs. 100 bucks , terming it just a piece of blue glass.

My theme : Imagination and reality

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