Friday, April 28, 2017

Xerox Copy turned out to be lucky for me

We had a love marriage. We struggled a lot to get married. Yes! Literally, we wriggled with our parents. My hubby was tall, handsome, smart, well educated, ambitious guy. But, I was short, dark, and loved simple living, normal thinking.  And, above and all, we were from different religions. Many a times, I had been feeling insecure….and many a times, I wonder why he had fallen for me…..

In fact, I asked this question to him many a times…..But, he used to be silent…never replied to this question.

Now, it’s the 25th years of our wedding. In a way, we have a successful married life with two kids. Kids planned to have a celebration. We all were excited…..

On our anniversary day, I got up early….I kept looking at his face for a while….He became quite old. But, he still carried the same charm. He got up after a while. He wished me happy anniversary….kissing on my forehead…

“Only a wish?” I said.

“No, No, wait….I have something to give…..”

He took out a diamond pendant with a gold chain and earrings. I was happy to see that but, was not greatly excited. 

“What else you want? Ask me, I will give you whatever you want today my love!”  He understood looking at my expression that I wanted something more.

“Promise?” I immediately replied.

 “Yes!” He hugged me tight.

“Tell me the truth…..why you married me?” I utilized the opportunity.

He was silent again….

“Now, we are already 60’s…..just few years we will live… soul will not get rest if you would not tell me the truth…. I promise you, I would not react…..I promise…”

He was silent for a while……

“I will tell you tonite….”

I kept patience for the whole day, whole evening…..eagerly waiting for the end of the celebration….

He was standing in the balcony, after having dinner. I went ahead and stood beside him….

“You want the answer?” He said without looking at me.


“I fell for you as you were the Xerox copy of my dream girl….who was a teacher of mine in school.”

I just laughed and thanked my Xerox copy for giving me my so lovely hubby.

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