Monday, April 3, 2017

The Cave

I wanted a break from my regular life…. and we quickly planned a vacation. 

Me and my hubby reached the sky talking mountain……There was only two hotels in that whole 50 km stretch. No village, no market nearby. 

We thought of trekking on the hill top, next morning.

We got up early…At dawn, the eastern horizon offered a captivating glamorous golden sight. The sailing clouds, which looked like heaps of white woolen fabric, were touching us softly. We saw the fascinating dewdrops hanging on the blades of grass. The green leaves and flowers were speaking about purity, beauty of nature.

We kept walking through the trails in between the bushes…Suddenly, we saw one cave. I was so excited to see the cave….and felt like exploring what was inside. My husband hesitated to enter initially, as anything unpredictable could happen.

Overhead lighting was getting lower and lower, while we were going deeper. But, we kept going. We found one passage…..Now, we didn’t have courage, but thank God, my hubby had a lighter in his pocket. We thought of going a bit further. 

The passage twisted and turned…It was frightening and thrilling at the same time. Suddenly, we heard some falling water sound. We thought of moving back, but, now hubby said that it might be an origin of some waterfall or river, he wanted to explore more…..we moved almost 50 mtrs ahead through the narrow passage. I heard echo after echo of our voice…I could feel drought in my throat. 

Oh my God! The passage opened up all of a sudden……and wow….what was that! That was a beautiful world altogether. A sweet cold wind touched us. At least hundred varieties of flowers, butterflies, tall trees were making the whole landscape heavenly. Chirping of birds, and a high, stunning waterfall relentlessly falling on black and brown rocks were adding the enchantment. I could see one rainbow, playing hide and seek with few clouds. I never imagined that after passing the dark, scary cave, we would reach this kinda divine place. 

I ran towards the waterfall…….I touched the water…The sprinkles were making me wet….I thought of going deeper under the fall. The cool water mesmerized me so much…..I forgot about my hubby….I couldn’t see him…..

I called him loud, louder…but no response….I got scared….I started searching him like a madman…..under every bush, behind every rock….every possible space, but, he was nowhere….I was helpless….No human being I could see there…..I shouted like hell and started crying my heart out.

I felt like someone shaking me hard…….shouting my name loudly……Oops! He was here, next to me with a frightening face as if asking “Why the heck you are screaming in the middle of the night?” 

…..I didn’t say anything, just realized that I was dreaming…….I was on my bed, I looked at the time, it was 3 AM.

My theme : Imagination and reality

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